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A Lucky-PIP® Pre-Insulated Pipe System is an Ozone friendly system with the option of CFC, HCF and HCFC free system. It is suitable for both high and low temperature applications with a broad range of service temperature of -50°C to 140°C.

Lucky-PIP® comes with cladding which provide mechanical protection to the thermal insulation (Rigid Polyurethane Foam) and act as a strong vapor barrier.

Polyurethane foam thermal insulation possesses a high compressive strength value of 275 kPa, this feature allows Lucky-PIP® pipes to be supported from the outside of the cladding and no high-density load bearing or hard wood blocks are required at pipe supports. 

Since Lucky-PIP® is produced by High-Tech Polyurethane foaming machines in Hong Kong, customers can enjoy its high-quality finish with robust and durable features, thus it greatly reduces future maintenance and energy cost of the pipe system.

PIP Aboveground

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  • High Energy and Cost Savings – High Coefficient of Performance (COP), therefore, lower operating costs. Only 0.5 °C temperature increase for 1km of outdoor PIP as reported by clients.

  • Comply with BEC and using higher COP product in design will obtain more points in BEAM.

  • Production process and concept aligns with Prefabrication, BIM, MiC, MiMEP and DfMA – High compressive strength can withstand the pressure during transportation without using high density load bearing which have very poor thermal insulation property 

  • Huge Maintenance Cost Savings – Clients proven no maintenance cost on PIP insulation since installation in 2000. PIP is robust, durable and with strong mechanical and vapor barrier.

  • Minimal Tenant Complaints and Business Interruptions – Poor thermal insulation result in water dripping, tenant complaints and business interruptions due to the needs of regular maintenance. PIP can reduce maintenance cost, enhance company reputation and ensure stable rental income. 

  • Improve Project Time Management and Minimize Works at Site – Since PIP is pre-fabricated off-site, minimal on-site installation work is required, therefore production is unaffected by site schedule delays and other site interruptions.   

  • High and Stable Product Quality – PIP is produced by automated machinery in well set-up factory, this can ensure high and stable product quality since it reduces human error at site and improve safety and site management. 

  • Environmentally Friendly – CFC Free or CFC, HCFC, HCF Free.

Aboveground Application


Lucky-PIP®” with Metal Cladding

Commonly with the following Metal Cladding:

  • Galvanized Steel: 0.5mm / 0.6mm thick

  • Aluminium: 0.8mm thick

  • Stainless Steel: 0.5mm / 0.6mm thick

(Other cladding material upon request)

Underground Application


“Lucky-PIP®” with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Cladding

  • HDPE: 8mm / 12mm / 14mm thick

(Other cladding material upon request)

Glass Buildings

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